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Cara Memainkan Game PS2 di PC - Tutorial Lengkap

Wanna play PS2 games on your PC? Here is step by step tutorial with images that explains in detail how to play PS2 games on your PC.
Just follow the instructions carefully:
Download PCSX2 Emulator and install it anywhere in your system.

Open Pcsx2 folder and click on pspcsx2 main executable file.

Application will pop up window as below, press OK

Click on Configure under Graphics.

And depending on your own computer choose the best settings.

Click on Configure under First Controller.

Select Pad 1 tab and click on each button to configure the controls for your emulator. After you’re done for every button press Apply.

Click On Set Bios Directory

Browse to the installation directory(…Program Files\PCSX2\bios) and click OK
Click on Config and go to Speed Hacks

On the left panel choose the third option Use “x2 Cycle Rate” and on the right panel choose
first “INTC sync Hack” and second option “Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate”
On the bottom select “Escape Hack – Use Esc key to fully exit PCSX2″.

You’re PS2 has been configured so let’s go download some PS2 games.
Go to the website where you’ll be able to download PS2 games. Try ps3iso.com
Download your games to folder Games and Extract it anywhere you like. It will give a .ISO after extraction.

Go back to the PS2 emulator . Click on Config -> Configure

Under CDVD Rom click on Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0

Click on Configure and Select ISO file, your downloaded PS2 games

Click on File -> Run CD/DVD

After this you’ll be able to play PS2 games on your PC.
If the playstation2 emulator doesn’t work after you have carefully followed all the steps in this post , your problems may be due to your computer . Make sure your drivers are all up to date. You may need an upgraded graphics card as well.
Do not expect the same performance from the computer emulation of the playstation 2, that of which you would get from the console.

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