Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Malinda Dee - Still limp Post Surgical

RI State Police stated that the suspect wiping money Citibank customer, Inong Malinda Dee, currently still being treated at the Hospital (RS) Siloam, Tangerang, Banten postoperative inflammation in the chest.
"Malinda is currently still being treated at Siloam Hospital because his condition is still weak," said Chief of Public Information (Head passenger) Police, Comr Joey Boy Amar, in Jakarta, Friday (24 / 6). Malinda''still be cared for around 10-14 days. Because the postoperative, the temperature is still high at 39.5 badanya degrees Celsius and hypertension is still low. After his condition stabilized, he had brought and treated at the Hospital Police. "
Malinda surgery performed by a team of plastic surgeons from Siloam Hospital medical team from the Center for Medicine and Health (Pusdokes) Police as many as six people. Malinda suspect, who has served as Senior Relationship Manager at Citibank, was briefly detained at the Detention Center (detention center) Criminal Investigation Police.
In the modus operandi of the crime, intentionally blurring Malinda transactions and improper recording of some of the slip transfer of funds. Transfer of customer account withdrawals made without the permission of the customer. Withdrawal of funds is then poured into 30 accounts owned by Malinda.
One account in the name of the suspect is now opened with a total value of Rp 11 billion. Meanwhile, other accounts are still blocked and still permit the process to open his account.
Investigators have seized evidence, of which 29 form the transfer of funds channeled to several accounts. Currently only three customers who report to Citibank because they feel aggrieved by the total value of Rp 16.6 billion. 

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