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What To Do if a Malware Infection is Found in Windows

Every day, whether in our work or our personal lives, manage valuable information, which naturally do not want to get into the hands of others.
When we suspect that this may be happening in fact, many of us do not know how to behave and, therefore, we make some mistakes that are best avoided.

Do not turn off the computer

One of the first reactions when they think the team has been compromised is to turn off the computer. This is wrong, even though the TV series would have us believe otherwise . It is true that disconnecting the computer will stop the Internet connection, but not the beast that we have installed in it. With the computer off also run the risk of losing important information we have stored before proceeding. It is best to take things easy and assess the situation before resorting to this drastic measure and useless.

Make a backup of your data

Before touching anything, make a backup of all your information on any device you have on hand. Once we have done, pass a virus to investigate any possible infection that can be newly stored information. Windows 7 has a good utility to make backups , but there are also others on the market. One that I tested isBackup4all , this is not a free application but it will help to protect the information of all our programs at the risk of total or partial loss. Also Driver Backup allows us to make this an easy task for all the devices you have installed, and Uranium Backup allows you to create backups. The latter two programs themselves are free.

Check your firewall

The first thing you have to do if a situation like this is check that the firewall is on and working properly it will certainly help the problem go to more. Microsoft offers on its website a practical guide to turn on and turn off the firewall , and other details that may be useful. A part of the solution that brings pre-installed Windows, we have other options available firewall which is free and you can download, as always only as an alternative that strengthens security measures we already have. The virus usually also come with a firewall (the NOD32 product is very good), but in order to have an endorsement that we have for example Comodo Firewall , a very simple application that has automatic updates. The AVG Antivirus Plus is also a good product to install, a suite that allows us to protect ourselves against all kinds of computer viruses and intrusions.

Run several antivirus applications

It is possible that the virus we have installed on your computer is no longer sufficient, or is committed by the same virus. Therefore, it is advisable to test not only with a thorough scan with your antivirus download or purchase common but other variants to identify the source of the problem ( Important : never have twoantivirus installed at the same time on the computer, it can cause headaches) . If you really think there’s something wrong but we can not detect any of these programs, a final safety measure to the most paranoidis to download an antivirus on another computer and then transfer it to us through an external disk or USB memory, and do the analysis from there. There are also some antivirus in the cloud that we may be useful as Panda Cloud .Some other anti-virus to those mentioned NOD32 , which recently upgraded to a new version, and AVG , which has lost relevance in recent times, also worth noting Avira , which has been moving in recent months as one of the most used, avast! that is free to download, or Microsoft Security Essentials (highly recommended the latter, is free and works perfectly).

Install Windows patches

It is true that it is quite annoying, and we can get to play against , but often the source of many security problems with computers come from the fact that people do not install security patches. Windows is constantly discovering new leaks in your security system, and providing a solution to this, so do not install these updates is the cyber equivalent to not be vaccinated against common diseases.

Each of us has its own way of dealing with your computer, so all we can realize when it is acting in an unusual way. This can be a clear indication of the presence of a malware, so the above tips can serve as a basic way to solve / mitigate the problem and prevent it from escalating. Of course, if these remedies do not work, we know it’s time to call an expert.


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